Our Story


It happened like this with me.

Those days... embedded somewhere in the memory.. The sweltering days and parched nights, the vast stretches, the emptiness of the sand dunes, the deafening silence of the desert, no sign of respite from wrath of the sun on life around. Dreading the sun to come up and spewing fury on parched lands, and parched throats, of flora and fauna alike; we were surprised we woke up every day for yet another discourse with nature. Water seemed more precious than gold. Food was scarce, (as in VERY scarce!) and had to be stored for the year. This was the desert landscape I was born in.

Those precious days because from there started that indefatigable journey that took me around the world and put me where I am today.

I was thankful though, for the fact we did not have to spend much time at one place since my father was with the defence forces, and our education was taken care of by the defence schools.

I wanted to join the army, since it was the only profession we thought existed, seeing uncles and father in the army. But as they say, a few things are already written on the wall, only the eyes cannot see it.

The Rajput, or the warrior clan was crumbling under governemet take over of all their palatial properties after independence. They reached the point of near collapse financially. Out of utter destitution, the idea of making furniture for exports germinated.

The parched desert that once was dreaded by us became a bounty where we saw hope and opportunity to get back to our feet financially. The endless stretches of acacia, and mango wood, that once were a mute part of the desert landscape, became the very resource the desert economy would thrive on.

I went to college, preparing for the common defence tests on the sides. I wasnt selected and I saw my first failure then. Within some time I realised I wasn't not made for the defence services, and choosing that as a profession just because of family background would be erroneous.

And this is when life took the turn I had no bearing of. I began looking for options and started exploring various fields. I also started looking at options of higher education overseas. This somehow ran close to my instincts, and I decided to take a course in management studies. And one day I found myself airbound to Canada.

The new landscape filled with excitement of discovering new things, in a foreign country, kept me on my toes. The days were typical college days, with lot of hard work in the day, since I was on a loan, and had to work after school to fend for myself; and nights working for extra buck to sustain the cost of living in canada.

This is also when I made friends, and one of my friends' father was running a furniture business. I came to know that they were importing furniture from india. It was known and forgotten. I continued with my drill and grill of day to day existence in Canada.

Back home, Becuase of very little skill, the furniture industry was staring at an uncertain future. One of my uncles' was running a small export unit in Jodhpur, and I came to know of all the problems he was going through- the labour was not skilled, there was a lack of professional approach to making furniture, and not enough resources in terms of world class machinery, and equipment. The family-run furniture unit was going through dire times, on the verge of a shut-down. That is when I was called back home. I had one sophomore year to finish but I knew I will have to forget about a career in international business, and will have to join the family run business to save the family to return to the dreaded destitution we saw early childhood.

I did not have a clue to anything that I first saw around at the furniture unit. I recall myself Staring at wooden planks wondering how could something be carved out of this. It was stark stark opposite to what I had wanted to do. It took some time for me to resolve to destiny.

Because of international/overseas exposure, I had a different approach to doing business. Hence I put a condition to my joining the family business. I told my uncle that I will be travelling for one year to other countries to see how the work was being done in the furniture industry. My uncle condescended.

The journey of my life intertwined with unavoidable destiny had begun. I started with europe.. visiting as many countries as possible. From germany to holland to london to austria, there was not a single country that was on the furniture map that I did not cover. I started looking deeply into furniture manufacturing, and started gathering skills. I came to know that vietnam was doing very well in furniture.. there were negligible problems that the importers faced when importing from vietnam. Looking at all the problems at home with regard to labour, machinery and transportation, I was intrigued, and planned immediately to visit vietnam.

Returning back to India, and applying whatever knowledge I had gathered at the european factories, I started training labour. We installed some state of the art machinery and started taking small orders that we could finish in the stipulated timeline. Once I streamlined this, I headed to vietnam, to see their style of working. I realised what the pros and cons, worked on them when I returned home.

This is an excruciating journey spanning ten years that I have been into the furniture business, facing challenges, but finding strength to stand up and walk again. After exporting to the US, the Europe, and since we already have a set up for furniture manufacturing; I thought of making a digital footprint of our prouct. As a mode of expansion, we ventured into e-commerce in 2019, but due to covid the project couldnt begin in 2020. 2021 is the year that is marked in destiny that we would have come up with this e-commerce website.