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"It is always about the basics"

Every piece of furniture we make at Sand Color starts with procuring legally certified wood native to Europe other then Teak. From Oak, Beechwood, Tulip-wood to Walnut and Teak, we make sure that we provide the best quality wood that will be enduring. With over 27 years of experience, we are not only specialists of furniture but of wood, also.

Every piece we make starts with designers who are passionate about aesthetics, craftsmanship, and comfort. Every detail is carefully considered from the design to the functionality and purpose. We design and craft furniture with you in mind- your house, your style, and your sense of aesthetics. SandColour provides you with the best range of solid wooden furniture. Whether it is residential or commercial, we manufacture furniture for every budget.

We, at Sand Color, are committed to meet and exceed our customers' highest expectations. From upholstered chairs to masterfully crafted dining tables consoles, chairs, accent furniture, you will discover that Sand Color interior furniture will elevate your space from ordinary to extraordinary.

Whether it is a cricket or a football match you want to watch from the comfort of the family room, or that special drawing room to entertain special guests, Sand Color has furniture for every purpose and every style. Our original designs make it easy to style a home, an office space, and outdoors.

For over 27 years, we’ve been proud to help our customers create their version of a life well-lived.

WE will be happy to address any need, small or large – just ask!



I wanted to join the army, since it was the only profession we thought existed, seeing uncles and father in the army. But as they say, a few things are already written on the wall, only the eyes cannot see it.

The Rajput, or the warrior clan was crumbling under governemet take over of all their palatial properties after independence. They reached the point of near collapse financially. Out of utter destitution the idea of making furniture for exports germinated.

The parched desert that once was dreaded by us became a bounty where we saw hope and opportunity to get back to our feet financially. The endless stretches of acacia, and mango wood, that once were a mute part of the desert landscape, became the very resource the desert economy would thrive on.

I went to college, preparing for the common defence tests on the sides. I wasnt selected and I saw my first failure then. Within some time I realised I wasn't not made for the defence services, and choosing that as a profession just because of family background would be erroneous.