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Are you looking for Wooden Dining Tables Online? Buy our elegant 6 seater dining table made with classic European Hardwood! You can't say no to shopping from a wide spectrum of dining table 6 seater online in India at affordable prices. SandColour epitomizes the concept of offering exceptional worth with a distinctive fixture for your dining room.
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Buy Wooden Dining Table 6 Seater Online in India        

For a very large family size, a 6-seater dining set is sufficient as far as you’ll buy this wooden dining table set 6-seater Online in India!  Some of the features of these items sold online are; possession of a lustrous surface, smooth finish, and intricate designs.

Other salient features are that they’re specially modeled to offer a classy touch in your dining room. This’s an amazing part of the Indian wooden dining table 6 seater for you. Made of special wood, it comprises 6 chairs with comfy cushions plus a beautifully engraved table. They’re available in diverse designs.  

Use the item to finish your home decor while exploring the wide range of dining tables 6-seater now! SandColour takes you round-the-world in eighty-days to the most acceptable dining sets ever! Also, their customer-friendly arty crew must watch your back while you navigate for the best. Start now to choose the best for your home interior!    

Six Seater Dining Table- To Enhance the Beauty of Your Dining Space

If you’re searching for a unique dining table 6-seater to match everything and anything in that room, the ultimate color will be white! As it happens with clothes, white colors are universal to suit everything. Furthermore, if you seek to add to some runner of any color, white dining tables 6 Seater will still be the right choice. 

Additionally, to enhance the beauty of your dining space, you may make your choice green. It’s a good color for relaxation and an exciting hue due to its numerous hues, shades, and tones. And the best place to try this is your dining room!

Explore our wide range of Dining Table designs:

The best well-shaped dining tables 6 Seater online SandColour site is made of modern rustic elements to meet the trendy dining sets policies! You can see complete ones with rectangular-shaped tables and removable 18-inch extension leaves plus 6-side chairs. It’s easy to squeeze six persons around this table of 60-72 inches long and 31-36 inches in width. 

Sheesham Wood Dining Table 6 Seater                                         

Sheesham wooden dining table set 6 seater is one of the popular products among most furniture makers in India and globally too. Sheesham wood is ranked alongside the top hardwood of its kind. It’s renowned for engraving, carving, and making fixtures of all kinds.

These entire attributes rise from the wood's susceptibility to splitting and warping when worked. Sheesham is unbelievably solid wood and could be waxed into diverse shapes and polished enabling a beautiful and smooth surface. 

Teak Wood Dining Table 6 Seater:  

It’s sourced from a Tectona grandis plant native to Southeast Asia and the South. The real colour is gold and it has soft -grain and texture.

The teak wood features the dense, close-grained form of hardwood. It’s being used generally in India and worldwide due to its superb stability and good strength. It has a leather-like smell when it is fresh. Draw attention to the look of your Dining Room via teak wooden dining table Set 6 Seater!

Dining Table Set 6 Seater - Accentuate the look of your Dining Room                  

In general, the round shape of the wooden dining tables 6 Seater is the most preferable for little dining corners. Conversely, rectangular sets have some flexibility advantages over others.

You can fix it against the dining room walls to secure better space or pull it out to have room for other guests. Enjoy more versatility via an extendable wooden dining table 6 Seater via SandColour!

Benefits of Buying Dining Tables 6 Seater from SandColour

The various benefits derivable from purchasing from SandColour are as follows;

  • Customization Available; the organization allows customization via its policy and options. You can decide on the size and shape of your wooden dining table 6-seater today and get exactly what you want! 
  • Amazing Discounts; when you buy online SandColour, you are sure to avail lots of discounts to match your budget. They can compromise on prices to aid their client without compromising on quality. For instance, check out the color of the dining tables 6 Seater made of Sheesham! They’re golden brown or dark brown, with streaks of whitish or light-brownish sapwood. The Sheesham wood is brittle and strong and that’s what makes the perfect. 
  • Customer Support; you don’t need to be afraid of getting the right wooden dining tables 6 Seater in supply because the crew is watching you and will take you through all their items! 
  • Durability; The durability of your dining table Set6Seater is assured!   


Q1. What is the standard size of a 6-Seater Dining Table?

The generally acceptable size of a 6-seater Dining Table is approximately 36 inches wide and approximately 60 inches long. A client can tweak its dimensions to suit the space in his or her dining room. That’s why SandColour’s wooden dining table 6 seater can give you a customization option! For the wooden 6-seater Dining Table, the normal height is approximately 30 inches! 

Q2. What is the best shape for a Six-Seater Dining Table Set?

The current shape for the Six-Seater Dining Table is circular or round! This shape proves the excellent fixture elements that enable individuals to crowd together while enjoying their meals. 

Alongside the Six-Seater Dining Table, consider keeping a stylish kitchen cabinet with a look of dexterity and made out of wood around the kitchen regions in your home.  

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