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Are you searching to find a superior wooden dining table to suit your home amongst the varieties in the marketplaces? It's not a simple task as there're different types to choose from! However, we've got our experts watching your back so that you hold your peace. By the time you're through with this write-up, you'll have the idea to grab the best out of what you're seeking!
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Buy Wooden Dining Table Online at Best Price in India

You may browse through the greatest wooden dining table selections at SandColour to pick the one you'll want to grab. SandColour has a wide choice of wooden dining table styles ranging from Rs. 15K to 50K may help you create a stylish and beautiful eating setting in your house.
Our dining tables will always blend with your house's dining room spirit. Thanks to the hardwood colour patterns and artworks of the wooden dining tables. And there's more! You may select from various sizes of dining tables for your house while still enjoying a cost-effective shopping experience with us.

Wooden Dining Table Set- To Enhance the Beauty of Your Dining Room

Not only are wooden dining tables designed for dining and wining, but it's also meant to enhance the beauty of your dining room. From small to big, large to wide, affordable and pricey, there are wooden dining tables online to accommodate as many people as possible.
As the dining tables come in different finishes, colours, and woods, they all contribute to sparking up the beauty of your home décor. Apart from that, the designs will bring a different setting to your dining room.

Explore the wide range of Solid Wood Dining Tables

Finish the outlook of your inner habitation while investigating the wide spectrum of the dining tables on the net. The SandColour organization takes you via the most acceptable dining tables made of wood in our collection. Navigate SandColour's online shop for all you need for re-furbishing your interior home.
Furthermore, their arty crew will be with you all through your navigation to make sure you avail the best of what they offer. SandColour assures you that it's just what you worth and wants. Why wait? Explore the wide range of solid wood dining tables at SandColour. Check these out!

Teak Wood Dining Table

This teak wooden dining table will bring your family together, creating an eye-catching environment around the dining area. With perfect finishing, you can get this Teak Wood Dining table online or visit SandColour for more customizations. On the other hand, this table is as affordable as 15k. 

Sheesham Wood Dining Table

This table takes the front row stand in the list of best, most durable tables. Whether you want to buy a dining table online or in-store near you, the Sheesham wood dining table would be your optimum option. Thanks to its affordability. Ranging from Rs. 30,000 to 50,000 Rs, You can claim this wooden dining table for your family.

Dining Table 4 Seater

With tiny accommodations, most homes are reducing the area of coverage of furniture. However, SandColour will assist you with your family's basic needs by presenting the 4-Seater, Dining Table. They aim to offer you the comfort and peace you and your family sort after. This elegant 4-seater circular dining table can help you fix the quintessence of your inner room and still keep the space in order.

Dining Table 6 Seater

If you are a family of few members but have guest arrivals often, you need not worry. While there are many best-designed dining tables for 6-seaters at SandColour, you can find a match for your home. The creative team at SandColour is thoughtful enough to offer you a little more without letting you compromise on your budget. 

Things to look for while choosing a Dining Table Online?

When purchasing a dining table online, several factors include the material, design, size, finish, and pricing. To clarify, here's how to examine and decide whether or not to buy a dining table online:

  • Material: Check if the wooden dining table you intend to buy is composed of rich, long-lasting woods like cedar or cherry. Because most woodlands are infested with wood beetles, this is something to consider.
  • Design: If you plan to buy a dining table online, the design should complement your decor. Even though it may not be obligatory, the design should match your home decoration.
  • Shape: Make sure the table fits into the designated space without too much room.
  • Price: For a budget-friendly experience, consider affordable yet high-quality dining tables. It's perfect!

Benefits of Buying Wooden Dining Tables from SandColour

SandColour, being a known and dependable wooden tables' eCommerce in India, offers excellent discounts to all of its new and existing clients, allowing them to save money on any purchase they make on the site.

Another advantage of purchasing a wooden dining table from SandColour is the possibility to customize the style of your tables. All you have to do now is choose your favourite design and have it delivered to your home. You have the option of making the wooden dining table large or tiny. This is one of SandColour's most amazing characteristics.

Customer service is dependable, helpful, and constantly available. Whether you need help selecting the greatest tables, choosing the perfect colour, or designing, you can solve your problems with just one phone call.


Q1. Which wood is best for a dining table?

For the durability of a wooden dining table, the best wood to build a dining table is Oak. While there are many other usable kinds of wood for dining tables, Oak is considered the best. Thanks to its hardwearing attribute and the ability to cope with regular long-time usage.

Q2. What shapes of dining tables are best for a small space?

The best shapes of dining table sets for small spaces are square and round (for the tables), with no arms or a low back (for the chair). The chairs should be somehow hidden so they won't occupy the whole room. For this reason, you should buy a dining table online with square or round shapes to fit into your small spaces. 

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