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The wooden desk has become a hot cake amongst Indian office workers due to the COVID-19 pandemic and remote working strategy. As most office workers have to work from home, the comfiest and most affordable companion they went for is the wooden desk. Apart from the affordability, the wooden desk is very attractive and comes with smart ergonomic designs. If you’re also looking for a stylish and functional wooden desk online for your home office, look no further than SandColour. Our solid wood desks are made of high-quality European Hardwood and feature plenty of storage space to help you stay organized. It is also extremely durable, ensuring that it will last for years.
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Buy Wooden Desk Online at Best Price in India

Whether you are looking for a wooden study desk or a wood reception desk, we can provide you with your order. Based on your needs, if you need a desk for work, then you can buy a wooden computer desk affordably. Alternatively, you can go for a wooden writing desk as well. The good news is that whether you buy a wooden desk for work, reception, or study, it will give you optimum comfort, durability, and convenience. However, there are a few things you must look out for when buying any wooden desk online.

Things to Consider Before Buy Wooden Desk Online

Before buying a wooden desk online, you must look for the build material, design, finish, and shape. 

How? Read these essential and universal tips before purchasing any table online!

  • Material: Before you buy any wood desk online, confirm the kind of wood it is made of, and ensure the wood is durable.
  • Design: Make sure the desk design matches your office design if you like. It is important
  • Finish: If you prefer tables with an ultra-smooth finish or mild-brush surface, you should consider this too.
  • Size: Depending on your workspace, you should choose the desk that suits your space, and it should be portable. 

Check Out Our Solid Wood Desk Collection Available at SandColour

Not sure of which wooden desk to choose? Check out our sturdy wood desk collection at SandColour. We've handpicked the best and most durable specs for you. Make your decision and place your order.

What's more? These desks are affordable and worth their prices. So it's a win-win for you.

Wooden Study Desk

Ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 25,000, you can get a wooden study desk with different designs, sizes, and styles. You can pick the kind of finish you want, whether it's a golden oak finish, teak finish, or creamy crust.

In addition, this wooden study desk gives you maximum convenience while you study without any discomfort.

Wood Computer Desk

If you need something to facilitate your remote work at home, the wood computer desk is the option. This desk is durable, affordable, and portable in different colors. Thus, they can fit into any space you allot to them; what's more! They are lightweight. So you can change position anytime.

Wood Writing Desk

Whether you'll be working with tons of papers and sheets, this wood writing desk can accommodate them. It comes in different designs, color, and finish. So you can make your decision as per what you like.

In terms of affordability and durability, this table takes the front row in the field of wood writing desks. 

Wood Reception Desk

This zero-inconvenience wood reception desk will keep you up and down throughout your day. Unlike other tables, this wood desk is tall enough to keep your spine straight while working on it. 

It leaves you with no back or spine discomforts, and you complete your tasks in the reception department. 

Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Wooden Desk for Study Room

You must first decide where you'll be setting the desk. The next step is measuring the space and knowing if it can contain the desk you're budgeting for.

Furthermore, you can go for a different desk if the space can't accommodate it or increase the space for the desk.

The next step is looking at the material. As woodworms are prone to eat up light wood furniture, you must not go for a light wood desk. Ensure the desk has durable and sturdy material.

The desk style is another important factor to look at. Shorter desks give body pains after studying. At the same time, appropriate desks would suit your physique.  

Benefits of Buying Wooden Desk Online from SandColour

SandColour is a trusted wood desk eCommerce in India. Purchasing wooden desks online from SandColour gives you access to customization. Here, you can choose what your desk looks like, including the size you prefer and style. 

SandColour provides customers with amazing discounts, helping them save huge money on their desk purchases. 

SandColour assists all their customers via their 24/7 customer support, whereby you can contact them about any issues you discover on your desk. They keep in touch with all customers to ensure they're delighted with their purchases.


Q1. Where to buy the best wooden desk online?

Ans: SandColour is your number 1 eCommerce site for everything about wooden desks. Thus, if you're looking to get the best wood desk online, then SandColour is the right place. They give amazing discounts on purchases made on their site, and you can save huge money that way!

Q2. What types of wood are best for desks?

Ans: The best kinds of wood for office desks include oak wood, walnut, African hardwoods, cherry, and maple. Thanks to their durability and ability to shield stains. 

Furthermore, these woods are sturdy, making it hard for furniture beetles to creep in and feed on them. So, ensure you buy a wood desk made from these woods.

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